Spring Products For Every Industry

John Evans’ Sons’ spring products are most frequently used in medical devices, window manufacturing, and aerospace applications. View our products or contact us for more information on our stock springs and custom design capabilities. 

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  • Assorted Torsion Leaf Springs

    Torsion Leaf Springs

    John Evans’ Sons manufactures custom Torsion Leaf and Torsion bar Springs. These are used to counter-balance h...
  • Pair of large Helical Springs

    Helical Springs

    John Evans’ manufactures helical springs of almost all types and sizes, including compression, extension, and ...
  • Steel Stamping assortment


    John Evans’ offers extensive stamping options combining the skill and creativity of our engineers, tool makers...
  • Assorted Wire Forms

    Wire Forms

    John Evans’ Sons, Inc. designs and manufactures custom wire forms and variable force springs....