Shock and vibration are common challenges for mechanical and electronic equipment. Conditions like loose components, misaligned shafts, device wear and tear, abrupt machine starts and stops, and imbalance created by heavy loads can cause vibration. Let’s not forget about external factors that can cause vibration, like explosive blasts or extreme weather.

Even the smallest shock can have an impact on device performance and life expectancy. Therefore, it’s important to address vibration challenges as early as possible to avoid repairs, field failures, and replacement costs.

The most efficient way to minimize the transfer of vibration is during the design engineering phase. When vibration is a concern, we’ll suggest helical vibration isolators (aka Cable Mounts) to our clients. Learn more about why we recommend helical vibration isolators.

Three types of server rack equipment in which helical spring vibration isolators are used.

Advantages of Helical Vibration Isolators

Typically, a resilient element and a metallic supporting frame are used to manage shock absorption. Elastomer mounts are a common method due to their cost; they’re relatively inexpensive.

There are some disadvantages of elastomer mounts. They experience wear and tear over time with environmental exposure and use. Elastomer mounts typically don’t work well for heavy equipment. They aren’t effective against higher-magnitude physical shocks.

Helical vibration isolators or helical mounts, provide more shock protection than other isolation devices. While it is not possible to eliminate vibrations entirely, an isolator can diminish transmissibility.

Helical isolators offer the following advantages over other vibration solutions:

  • Operate in compression, shear, and roll assemblies.
  • Provide protection across all three axes simultaneously.
  • Can withstand extreme environments.
  • Require little or no maintenance.
  • Able to cushion a range of loads, up to thousands of pounds.
  • Can be made with high-quality stainless steel.

Devices that Can Benefit from Vibration Isolators

Helical vibration isolators can protect fragile devices and heavy industrial equipment, such as:

  • COTS firmware
  • Shipboard electronics
  • Pumps
  • Mobile carts for medical care
  • Electronics in rough terrain vehicles
  • Optical devices
  • Computers and electronics in aircraft

Industries with sensitive equipment, such as aerospace and medical, can especially benefit from vibration isolators. If your device falls within one of these applications or you frequently deal with shock and vibration problems, John Evans’ Sons helical vibration isolators may be an ideal solution.

Our helical isolators provide superior shock and vibration protection. We use aircraft-quality aluminum and stainless steel cable so they are able to resist corrosion and withstand extreme environments.

If you’re interested in learning more about our vibration isolators, contact us for more information or request a quote.