Point of Purchase Springs in Cell Phone Display

John Evans’ Sons, Incorporated works with display companies, retailers, and merchandisers to optimize and secure their point-of-purchase displays. Our variable and constant force springs are perfect for any display type and angle. The wide variety of permanent and semi-permanent spring retail displays and their applications require equally extensive spring designs. From concept to mass production, our in-house team easily fulfills complex spring display needs.

A custom display spring positions products at exactly the desired angle while keeping display cases tidy. Security tethers prevent theft and secure the product in the display case while allowing customers to interact with them. 

Learn more about our point-of-purchase merchandising products and how they can benefit your retail display.

Our Point of Purchase Merchandising Offerings

  • Variable Force Springs (PUSHER): Also known as V-Springs, variable force springs press items forward, then gently and automatically reduce force as more products are removed from the pusher tray. The automatic force adjustment makes PUSHER force springs a safe option for fragile or expensive merchandise, such as frozen foods, bagged salads, glass beverage containers, and cosmetics.
  • Constant Force Springs: Constant force (or conforce) springs apply consistent force until the tray is empty and the spring is fully extended. They work well for point-of-purchase displays stocked with lightweight products, like tobacco and cosmetics.
  • Enclosed Reels: Using a jacketed, retractable stainless steel cable, spring reels allow merchandisers to put their products on display without fear of theft, misplacement, or disorganization. Spring reels come in compact and standard sizes, and depending on order volume and application, we can also custom-fabricate reels with specific cable loads and deflection properties. Our most popular enclosed reel products include:
    • ER Series: A standard enclosed reel using one of three attachment methods and three retracting load options. The cables terminate in 0.175″ eyelets (suitable for a #8 screw) and have a minimum breaking strength of 40 lb.
    • Retriever: With a thicker cable than the ER Series and a 90 lb. minimum breaking point, the retriever supports heavier display tethering with a similar form factor.
    • MER Series (Miniature Enclosed Reel): Though smaller than the ER series with a shorter deflection, the MER Series provides the same reliable breaking strength while adapting to more compact installation needs.
  • Cable End Fittings (The GUARDIAN): Attaching your products to spring reel cables is easy with the GUARDIAN. Its sleek, one-piece construction (about the size of a quarter) fits snugly to both the end of the cable and the product being tethered. The GUARDIAN requires no tools, just a 1/8″ diameter hole for the wire feed.

Benefits of Our POP & Retail Displays

Our diverse line of spring retail displays fulfills the widest range of needs for point-of-purchase display manufacturers. We work closely with customers to understand which display spring systems conform to their display and product types.

Our pusher springs maintain a smooth, uniform load throughout the full range of travel. Pusher springs deliver strong force yield and extensive linear range, even in tight spaces. Their small form factor also makes them easy to mount on a variety of different hardware.

Our tethered product solutions are similarly compact and easy to mount. We build our enclosed reels with extremely rugged designs and maximum lasting power. Even with heavy repeated use, our spring reels maintain a smooth and even load, ensuring retailers can keep up with frequent customer interaction.

Common Point of Purchase & Retail Display Applications

Numerous point-of-purchase display manufacturers depend on John Evans’ Sons’ display springs to provide a sleek, eye-catching display for a wide variety of products, such as:

  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Games, DVDs, and other electronics
  • Hardware and home improvement products
  • Healthcare products
  • Refrigerated and frozen foods
  • Tobacco

Why Choose John Evans’ Sons Incorporated?

As one of the most trusted spring display manufacturers with a 173-year history, John Evans’ Sons, Incorporated takes a hands-on, transparent approach to collaboration with our clients. As a trusted manufacturer of variable force springs and enclosed reels, John Evans’ Sons is your partner when you need standard and custom point-of-purchase display solutions to enhance your customers’ retail shopping experience. 

With ISO-certified quality controls at our Pennsylvania facility, we consistently produce the highest-quality spring products within fast turnarounds.

Contact us to learn more, or request a quote to start your point-of-purchase merchandising solution.

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