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Helical Isolators: Shock and Vibration Solutions

Helical Isolators: Shock and Vibration Solutions

Helical Isolators: HM10062 Series

Helical Isolators: HM10062 Series

Helical Isolators for Medical Equipment Design

Helical Isolators for Medical Equipment Design

Helical isolators protect a broad range of loads:

  • Very fragile (electronic equipment, computer hardware, optical devices).
  • Highly substantial (heavy engines, machinery––during transit or while in operation, even in a moving vehicle).

See table below for more details.

ApplicationsTypical EquipmentProtection FromOperational Advantages
ShipboardElectronics, Computers, MachineryExplosive blast, Inherent vibration, StormsLong life, Maintenance free, Temperature extremes, Corrosion resistance, All axes protection
Rough Terrain VehiclesInstrumentation, Generators, ElectronicsRough terrain, Poor road conditions, CollisionLong life, Maintenance free, Temperature extremes, Ozone, Radioactivity, UV Radiation
AircraftElectronics, ComputersHigh-G maneuvering, Hard landings, Turbulent airTemperature and altitude extremes, Lightweight
Shipping CasesOptics, Instruments, Missiles, ElectronicsTransit, Handling drop, Loading/UnloadingLong life, Maintenance free, Exposure to moisture, Repeated use
Industrial EquipmentCentrifuge, Dryers, PumpsUnbalanced dynamic loads, Fluid hammer, Inherent vibration, Foundation weaknessLong life, Maintenance free, Corrosive environments
Ordnance EquipmentMissile launcher, Tank artillery, Computer controls, ElectronicsRough terrain, Railroad humping, TransitMaintenance free, Temperature extremes, Nearby blast
Medical EquipmentMechanical equipment necessary for patient careVibration from moving parts, Mobile carts-Transport shockMaintenance free, No outgassing, Can be sterilized
ChimneysChimneys, Scrubbers, Measuring devicesWind causing resonant frequencies, Stack gas causing turbulence near scrubber, etc.Maintenance free, Temperature extremes, Corrosive environments


  • Iridited aluminum bars are standard; however, other materials and finishes can be used.
  • Variations in cable configuration are available if the standard is not suitable.

From basic transportation to aerospace, there is an application for Helical Isolators from America’s Oldest Springmaker.

Shock & Vibration Isolators 1
Shock & Vibration Isolators 2

Data Sheets by size (PDF) Click a series to view and/or download.

HM10093 series Download PDF
HM10093 series

.093″ dia. cable

HM10187 1 thru 6 series Download PDF
HM10187 1 thru 6 series

.187″ dia. cable

HM10187 7 thru 12 series Download PDF
HM10187 7 thru 12 series

.187″ dia. cable

HM10125 series Download PDF
HM10125 series

.125″ dia. cable

HM10156 series Download PDF
HM10156 series

.156″ dia. cable

HM08250 series Download PDF
HM08250 series

.250″ dia. cable

HM06375 series Download PDF
HM06375 series

.375″ dia. cable

HM08375 series Download PDF
HM08375 series

.375″ dia. cable

HM06500 series Download PDF
HM06500 series

.500″ dia. cable

HM08500 series Download PDF
HM08500 series

.500″ dia. cable

HM08625 series Download PDF
HM08625 series

.625″ dia. cable

HM08875 series Download PDF
HM08875 series

.875″ dia. cable

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