Jet Launch From Naval Carrier With Springs for Military ApplicationsJet Launch From Naval Carrier With Springs for Military Applications

John Evans’ Sons manufactures custom components and provides standard springs for military contractors, OEMs, and the Department of Defense. Whether you require spring assemblies for a new product or replacement parts, our experience and knowledge in military applications make John Evans’ Sons an ideal manufacturing partner.

Trusted Military Spring Manufacturer

Our history with military manufacturing began during the First World War when we manufactured springs for use in oxygen equipment control valves for military aviators. Since then, our relationship with the defense industry has grown, and we produce precision springs for a variety of applications.

Military Applications

Our torsion springs are frequently used for counterbalancing heavy armored hatch covers and cargo doors in M1A1 Abrams Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. They are also used to separate the first-stage booster on sea-launched cruise missiles. Using constant force springs to counterbalance is also required for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) launch and recovery mechanisms. Other industrial springs we manufacture are frequently used for fuel dispensing and aircraft refueling.

We have experience in creating difficult and unique spring products for our clients in the defense industry. Talk with John Evans’ Sons about designing a custom solution to meet your needs.

Why John Evans’ Sons

John Evans’ Sons understands that the products we supply for our customers need to meet military standards and objectives set by the Department of Defense. Because of this, we follow stringent manufacturing controls. We are ITAR registered and certified and able to ship our springs to any U.S.-friendly nation.

Our commitment to quality manufacturing and management is also evident by our AS9100C certification, meaning that our springs and mechanical assemblies are safe and reliable for military applications. AS9100C certification includes the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, another standard quality management system.

From design to engineering to manufacturing, we are able to assist our customers in creating custom springs or unique assemblies. Our tool room facilities enable us to design and build tools needed to manufacture components for assemblies. We can source or directly supply products, minimizing cost and reducing production time. This allows us to support our customers throughout the entire scope of their project.

Do you require a unique product for a military/defense application? Contact a John Evans’ Sons representative for more information and to request a quote for military springs.

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Need Assistance? Consult our Technical Team.

Our Technical Team offer a depth of expertise to assist you with all parts of the process. We are ready to answer your questions in a timely manner and will help you define what you need. We produce custom springs for all purposes, and we are here to work with you on any of your customization needs.