Variable force springs are used in point-of-purchase (POP) retail displays with slide trays to push products to the front of a machine or shelf for easy customer access. While they’re similar to constant force springs, variable force springs deliver varied levels of force to accurately match increasing or decreasing product supply levels.  

Learn more about the benefits of John Evans’ Sons PUSHER variable force springs, the types available, and their applications.

Benefits of PUSHER Variable Force Springs

Variable force springs are used to push products forward in a display. They apply greater force in the full display position and less force as products are removed. This design provides many benefits for retailers, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: Variable force springs consistently position products at the front of the shelf, eliminating the need for employees to do these tasks. By using variable force springs and vertical displays, retailers can also save floor space and optimize product layout throughout the store. 
  • Control: Since various levels of force are applied depending on the amount of products in the display, variable force springs allow for better control and ease of use when products are removed from the shelf.
  • Product Integrity: Variable force springs operate based on the weight of the products they are pushing. This ensures the product never gets damaged due to too much force.

Types of Variable Force Springs

We offer two standard types of variable force springs. Additionally, we can customize this product to meet your load, deflection and attachment requirements and do so in the most economical way.

1/4″ Wide Series

  • Material: 1/4″ wide, Type 301 Stainless Steel
  • Loads Available: 1.5 oz. through 13 oz.
  • Usable Deflection: Up to 14”
  • Outer-end Configuration: 1/4″ hammerhead 

1/2″ Wide Series

  • Material: 1/2″ wide, Type 301 Stainless Steel
  • Loads Available: 3 oz. through 33 oz.
  • Usable Deflection: Up to 15”
  • Outer-end Configuration: 1/2″ radius with 0.191″ diameter through-hole; 1/2″ hammerhead

At John Evans’ Sons, our in-house tool room enables us to manufacture the custom tooling necessary to tailor your variable force springs to your exact specifications. Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific deflection, load, and attachment requirements. 

PUSHER Variable Force Spring Applications

The main uses of variable force springs are point-of-purchase pusher applications where products must be pushed to the front of a machine or shelf. Most POP pusher applications rely on these springs’ ability to accommodate different loads at different positions to push the products forward.

Because they provide a varying amount of force based on the amount of deflection, variable force springs are ideal for horizontal displays like pusher trays or vertical displays in which products must be up-fed. Variable force springs can support a wide range of product weights, from lightweight video games and cosmetics to heavy cases of soda bottles.

Variable Force Springs by John Evans’ Sons

When designing a point-of-purchase display in which forward stocking features are necessary, PUSHER variable force springs from John Evans’ Sons, Incorporated, offer an excellent choice. Along with our standard offerings, our skilled technicians provide custom design, in-house tooling, and precision manufacturing to meet your unique needs. 

With a vast range of experience in the industry, our technical team is prepared to assist you with all parts of the production process, from initial inquiry to final delivery. We produce custom springs for a diverse range of applications, and we can work closely with you on your customization needs. Request a quote today to get started. 

Need Assistance? Consult our Technical Team.

Our Technical Team offers a depth of expertise to assist you with all parts of the process. We are ready to answer your questions in a timely manner and will help you define what you need. We produce custom springs for all purposes, and we are here to work with you on any of your customization needs.

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