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Custom & Specialized Orders

Whether your business is in point-of-purchase merchandising, automotives, or military, we produce springs of every type and specification. We are eager to work with you on custom and specialized orders of all kinds. We offer the utmost levels of expertise and precision to produce orders customized to your needs. From scale manufacturing to reproduction we are committed to achieving top results. We take pride in our work with extremely specialized applications, which require high levels of dependency, including high-tech and medical devices.

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Our Process

  1. Submit your requirements to us.
  2. We will help you refine your specifications as needed.
  3. Quote acceptance.
  4. Manufacturing of prototype.
  5. Production of order.
  6. Quality and testing.
  7. After-sale service.

Our experts offer a depth of expertise to assist you with all parts of the process.

We are ready to answer your questions in a timely manner and will help you define what you need. We produce custom springs for all purposes, and we are here to work with you on any of your customization needs. Our service motto emphasizes the importance we place on our expertise, and one conversation with one of our experts will exhibit our commitment to that motto.