For engineers designing new products, procuring specialized components for the device remains a consistent hurdle. Numerous industries, from automotive and aerospace to medical and construction, need custom-made springs for specialized applications.

Stock springs can be ideal for short-turn around times, but they aren’t made to suit your device’s specifications. To this end, a custom spring manufacturer can be a vital solution for industrial engineers. Learn more about some of the benefits of partnering with a custom spring manufacturer.

Design Expertise

Using stock springs can mean having to settle for approximations of what you need. However, custom springs can be made to match the specifications required for your device.

A custom spring manufacturer brings extensive knowledge of different types of springs to your project, including how to fabricate components to fit product requirements or specifications.

Your company can also reduce other costs, such as labor or equipment, when you partner with a custom manufacturer with design engineering expertise. John Evans’ Sons provides in-house tooling and engineering assistance, allowing our clients to focus on what they excel in without having to divide labor and resources.


If you need to alter the design of your product for any reason, the manufacturer might be slow to change the components they’re providing you with. Similarly, bulk orders from manufacturers that deal in more standardized parts can leave you with excess inventory if what you ordered doesn’t suit.

A custom spring manufacturer shortens the turn-around time associated with orders and revisions. They can also maintain tighter control over the supply chain. If the components you order need to be adjusted, a custom manufacturer can more immediately make those adjustments. This gives you better flexibility to experiment with designs and make adjustments for product recalls or industry changes.

Lower Production Costs

Manufacturing partners with their own in-house tooling capabilities are often equipped to fulfill large custom orders. This stems from not only their specialized manufacturing technology, but also the reduction of costs associated with shipping and handling parts. You also avoid the overhead costs of labor, manufacturing equipment, and raw materials.

Choosing to partner with a custom spring manufacturer doesn’t sacrifice scalability, either. The benefits of this partnership aren’t limited to bulk orders for large companies or already-established devices. For prototypes and new products, custom can be a cost-saving option.

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality assurance and control are key, especially for custom products. Standardized manufacturers can’t always match your design specifications and may have less control over quality.

However, the advanced CNC machining technology used to manufacture custom components enables stronger quality assurance. Not only can you order exactly what you need, you know you are getting a consistent product that meets your specifications.

Cost, lead time, and other factors may determine if you need a stock or custom spring; however, a custom manufacturer may serve as a better partner over the long-term.

John Evans’ Sons sales and design engineering teams are here to help you through every phase of your project. Our custom design capabilities allow us to serve companies in a variety of applications, including defense, aerospace, and medical. Tell us about your project requirements, and our experts will determine what spring(s) or assembly you need.