The medical industry requires products that perform with accuracy and precision. John Evans’ Sons is proud to provide those products to the medical manufacturing community. We’re excited to attend MD&M West, where we will be showcasing constant force springs, spiral torsion springs, and spring reels.

Springs are more economical and precise than motors, making them a preferred component for reducing medical device size. Learn more about these products and how they can improve your application’s performance.

Constant Force Springs

When looking for a spring that has a smooth range of motion and a constant load when extended or retracted, constant force springs are ideal. These springs don’t have any inertia to overcome when considering the starting force. Constant force springs are often used in these medical applications:

  • Dental x-ray equipment
  • Medical equipment drawer mechanisms
  • Computer monitors for fixed or mobile applications
  • Surgical staplers and other devices

Spring Powered Reels

Spring reels mount quickly and easily and come in a range of forces, cable lengths, and travel. We offer spring reels in plastic or metal. Spring reels can be ideal for applications that require counterbalancing or retrieving and returning; anything that requires a long deflection. Spring powered reels are frequently seen in moving mechanisms in the operating room.

Spiral Torsion Springs

These springs are known for rotation in two directions, as well as a return to center capability. Used in pairs at a right angle, a wide range of motion is achieved in two-axis configuration while still preserving the “return to center” feature. These compact springs easily mount in many designs, and develop high torque with little rotation. Spiral torsion springs are used in applications that require less than 360-degree rotation, like dental x-ray head units.

Because of the unique needs of many medical devices, it’s not uncommon to create an assembly that combines more than one spring or reel type. We can help design a custom assembly that meets your needs.

Ready to discuss equipment challenges and design requirements with our engineering team? Contact us to see how we can help with your application! You can also visit Booth #1893 at MD&M West to see these spring products. We look forward to meeting you!