Mechanical Assemblies

John Evans’ Sons manufactures custom mechanical assembly springs.

Buyers, engineers and designers who are seeking a source for assemblies or sub-assemblies, which may utilize springs or spring related items, are encouraged to discuss their requirements with us.

John Evans’ excels at creating spring assemblies:

We are frequently able to offer “one stop shopping” to customers whose springs once manufactured by us must then be incorporated into larger or more complex assemblies or subassemblies prior to the final application. Often when our engineering department is involved in the spring design, the requirements of a higher level of assembly become apparent and can be evaluated and possibly offered by John Evans to provide a “turnkey assembly” back to the customer…not just a spring. Then in order to complete assembly assignments we perform other assembly functions including machining, stamping, coiling, forming, swaging, coining, grinding, welding, brazing, drilling, tapping, heat treating and EDM work, all with ongoing involvement by our quality assurance team.

Our extensive tool room facilities enable us to design and build tools, tooling and dies to manufacture components used in the spring assemblies.

Typically assemblies include combinations of springs, wire forms, stampings, shafts, pistons, tubing, seals, bearings, machined components, and molded plastic parts.

Assembly components not made by Evans can be sourced designated or directly supplied by our customers for incorporation directly into the Evans' assembled product.

This results in the lowest possible cost consistent with quality requirements. One-stop shopping takes the chaos out of sourcing multiple parts and minimizes dimensional and production difficulties inherent in combining components with several origins.

John Evans’ has a fully staffed Engineering department that is eager to discuss the design requirements and equipment counterbalancing challenges in your design and prototype phase. In fact, many choices of counter-balances, springs and reels are stock items and can ship quickly to aid in your product evaluation.
  • Medical Devices
  • Military
  • Trucking
  • Other
Mechanical Assemblies
Mechanical Assemblies

Got A Question? Consult our Experts.

Our experts offer a depth of expertise to assist you with all parts of the process. We are ready to answer your questions in a timely manner and will help you define what you need. We produce custom springs for all purposes, and we are here to work with you on any of your customization needs.