For engineers designing new products, procuring specialized components for the device remains a consistent hurdle. Numerous industries, from automotive and aerospace to medical and construction, need custom-made springs for specialized applications. Stock springs can be ideal for short-turn around times, but they aren’t made to suit your device’s specifications. To this end, a custom spring
Springs are manufactured with different materials and finishes based on factors such as application, project requirements, and operating environments. Spring quality is crucial, and material or finish can have an impact on performance. With so many materials on the market, here is what you need to know about choosing the best spring materials for your
When you think of a spring, what first comes to mind is probably a helically wound spring consisting of a coiled wire of a given diameter. Constant force springs look a little different in that they typically consist of flat metal strips that have been pre-tensioned. Manufacturers can coil constant force springs with the same
Springs Used in NASA Perseverance
NASA LAUNCHES MARS 2020 PERSEVERANCE ROVER JULY 30 Our Engineering Dept. & Sales Dept. have worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory since September 2018 on this design. The springs were created in our Constant Force Dept. Perseverance will cruise through space for nearly seven months, aiming to land in Mars’s Jezero crater on February 18, 2021. Physical
Shock and vibration are common challenges for mechanical and electronic equipment. Conditions like loose components, misaligned shafts, device wear and tear, abrupt machine starts and stops, and imbalance created by heavy loads can cause vibration. Let’s not forget about external factors that can cause vibration, like explosive blasts or extreme weather. Even the smallest shock
John Evans' Sons medical constant force springs
There are many mechanical components to choose from for your device or application. If your device requires a spring, consider constant force springs. These are a type of extension spring. They do not obey Hooke’s law, so their force remains constant, even when deflected. Because of their flat force curve, constant force springs are suitable